Drop Clock Club

Social and explorative dining at local hidden gems.

How does it work?
Lunch Clubs
Drop in and join a group table for casual afternoon bites with new friends of all ages and backgrounds.
Supper Clubs
Sit around one big table for restaurant-led group dinners with new friends.
Food Events
Special food events – from food crawls to cooking classes – in collaboration with local restaurants.

Neighborhood lunches at neighborhood spots.

  • 7/20 – Late Afternoon Turkish Spread on Saturday at Coffee Turco at 3:30pm

    Join our late afternoon gathering at Coffee Turco at 483 Cambridge St, Allston. We'll sit around a table and have Turkish black tea prepared using stacked teapots called "çaydanlık," and a cup of strong Turkish coffee. To balance out the caffeine, we'll also have a spread of breads, spreads, and sweet and savory treats. This…

  • 7/13: Bites at Michael’s Deli on Saturday at 3pm

    We'll try an assortment of small bites from knishes to sandwiches at Michael's Deli on 256 Harvard Street, Brookline, right off the Coolidge Corner T stop. We'll also meet and hear from the gregarious Steven, who runs the bustling deli with his sons. Fun fact: Michael's Deli was featured on Anthony Bourdain's travel show!


Try new foods with new friends – this is our bread and butter.

Stop, Drop, and (Bread) Roll.

Check back in the warmer months for new events!
  • Food Crawl: Camberville

    Join us for a Camberville food crawl on Sunday at 11:45am. We'll be trying bites from 4 different spots. Let's eat our way through the neighborhood together!

  • Food Crawl: Coolidge Corner

    Join our group on Sunday at 11:45am for a Coolidge Corner food crawl. We'll be trying bites from 5 spots in the neighborhood and meeting the owners.

  • Food Crawl: Inman Square

    Join Drop Clock Club for an Inman Square food crawl on Saturday at 11:45am. We'll be trying bites from 3 spots. Let's eat our way through the neighborhood together!

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