Who can come to these events?

Drop Clock Club brings together folks ages 20 to 85 for social food events, whether that’s a group meal around a table, food crawls, or cooking classes hosted at local restaurants. It’s a unique mix of people every time that you’d maybe never get the chance to meet otherwise. As long as you’re interested in trying new foods and having good conversations with people of all ages and backgrounds, you’ll fit right in! Many come alone and some bring a friend or two.

How big is Drop Clock Club? I’ve never heard of it before.

The Drop Clock Club community is a small, but mighty group of about 400 people from all over Boston that has grown primarily through word-of-mouth. This site has been live for only a few months to help streamline logistics and manage volume, so thank you for being an early adopter! Some attendees have lived in Massachusetts for decades and others are new to the area from all around the world. But the one thing everyone has in common is a love of food and building community together.

Feel free to follow our new Instagram @dropclockclub – there’s nothing on it yet, but expect to see pictures from previous events and restaurant owner blurbs. Also check out the Restaurants page for histories of some of our partner restaurants.

What else is special about Drop Clock Club?

Glad you asked. We give restaurant owners free rein to build the menu for each event, encouraging them to switch it up every month and feature dishes that maybe regulars would know to order, but not the average person walking in. Most lunch and supper clubs are done family-style around a table so that you get to try more dishes without having to commit to just one, so it’s a pretty good deal.

What do I wear to the lunch and supper clubs?

All the restaurants we partner with are on the more casual side, so wear whatever makes you feel great.

How large are these events?

The lunch and supper clubs range from 6-15 people, while the food events average about 20-30 people.

Do we need to tip?

Tax, tip, and the cost of food are built into the ticket price!

How do we find the group once I’m there?

Just show the restaurant host your order confirmation and they’ll bring you to the group table.